1. The Bad News


    December 14, 2016 by Felicia Hf

    She stared out at the dark countryside, waiting for the plane to finally touch down. The last rays of sunshine …
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  2. Trapped


    November 1, 2016 by Felicia Hf

    The shadows were lengthening, her time slipping away. She quickened her pace. She had to make it to the end …
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  3. Perfectly Prepared


    October 15, 2016 by Felicia Hf

    She swivelled around on her chair and eyed the large cupboard. Proudly, her eyes scanned through the boxes of snacks …
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  4. Remembering


    October 12, 2016 by Felicia Hf

    She moved her fingers along the spines of the books, feeling their weight underneath them. Scanning for a book she …
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  5. Helpless

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    October 4, 2016 by Felicia Hf

    The hallway was long and narrow; the ceilings a lifetime away. He hated the whiteness of the walls, the smell …
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  6. Website Update

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    September 27, 2016 by Felicia Hf

    My website has been redesigned, and is now up and running with an entire new look! Check it out here!

  7. Step After Step


    September 25, 2016 by Felicia Hf

    The steps creaked as she placed her foot on them. She cursed herself inwardly, her heart racing so loudly, she …
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  8. The Accident


    September 20, 2016 by Felicia Hf

    The work in the garage was far from being finished. He could not understand why the worker had just up …
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  9. Fake Diamonds


    September 18, 2016 by Felicia Hf

    “You can’t be serious,” he said, staring at the pink diamond earrings lying on the counter. “I’m telling you, these …
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  10. Ten Word Story #5

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    September 14, 2016 by Felicia Hf

    Only the stranger was out at night, hunting his prey. © 2016

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